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There’s a New Game(s) in Town and it’s Redefining FUN!

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Have you driven down Battlefield in the last few weeks? If you have, you have probably noticed the giant “B” where Battlefield Lanes used to be. I am excited to say that Andy B’s is officially open and catering to all of your needs and wants! It’s a new state-of-the-art entertainment center that offers more than just the traditional bowling atmosphere!

Moms listen up…this is where you will want to plan your next family night out! There is something to do for kids of all ages. Whether your child is 5 or 15, there are attractions designed for each age group (even adults).  But today I want to talk about the “New Age” of bowling. Bowling at Andy B’s is like something you have never experienced. Let me explain…

For the little ones, maybe they can’t quite keep the ball in the lane. None of us moms like to see the disappointment when they throw (or push) the ball down the lane and it goes straight in the gutter. Well worry no more parents…Andy B’s has automatic bumpers for your little one! No more gutter balls!

Probably one of the coolest features that Andy B’s has that is brand new to the Springfield bowling scene is the new types of bowling games. This is perfect for Moms who have multiple age kids. As a mom of a 10-year-old, when we try to do social outings with friends who have kids younger and older, it can become an almost impossible challenge to find a fun activity that everyone can have fun doing.  This is where Andy B’s comes in. You can still bowl a traditional game if that is what you are comfortable with but they have introduced what is called “Mad Games.” After typing in each player’s names and genders into the screen you can now choose a new type of bowling game. There are many options to choose from. How to explain these new games…It is kind of like a choosing a Wii or Xbox game.  And the really cool part, after you input the names you step up to the screen and it will take a facial picture of each member of your team or family. You can make sad faces, silly faces or just a big ole’ cheesy smile. These faces will be used in the games and put up on the big screen for the whole family or team to see! It is seriously a hoot!

A few of these games include Bowling Hood, Battle on the Lanes, and the Character Factory. Here are some descriptions!

Bowling Hood: This is a type of archery game! After you bowl and knock down pins, look up at the screen. You will see an arrow being shot at a target. The more pins you knocked down the closer to the bull’s-eye your arrow goes.

Battle on the Lanes: This is a 2 team game. The goal is to destroy the other team’s castle. The more pins that your team knocks down the more of the opponents castle is destroyed. Destroy the other team’s castle first, your team wins!

Character Factory: This is a build your own character type of game. After each turn, based on how many pins are knocked down, the computer will choose clothing and accessories for your character. The better your score, the nicer the outfit.

There are more games to choose from than just these.  This type of interaction keeps your little ones intrigued all the way to the end of the game. No more “mom I’m bored” before the game is over. The other great thing about Andy B’s: when your game is over, there’s still so much to do…but I’ll save that for another discussion!

The point is, no matter the age of your children, these new scoring games are a fun, interactive thing for your whole family to do. And don’t worry Mom, you will get plenty of laughs out of these bowling games too! I know I sure did!

– Brooke

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